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Prevent a Dental Emergency:

SUMMARY:                                                                        narrated by MaryAnne (Staten Island, NY)

Eliminate the causes – Think about the factors that might cause tooth decay and try to eliminate them from your daily routine. Things like fizzy drinks, coffee, snacks, wine smoking, and sweets abuse attack your teeth so if you can’t find a way to eliminate them at least try to keep them to a minimal. Effective brushing – Brush your teeth at least twice a day but keep in mind that over brushing can also harm you; especially damage your gums. Find the brush that best suits your need, use the proper amount of toothpaste and don’t forget to check your gums; most people tend to forget about them. Pay attention to what you eat – Many aliments can help you visibly reduce your dental problems; try to eat less sugar and carbohydrates because these have a tendency to elevate the acidity in your mouth and also lead to tophus. Include chicken, cheeses, milk or nuts into your alimentation because they provide the much needed calcium and help protect tooth enamel. When it comes to beverages, your best choices are water, milk and unsweetened tea. A little tip for when you do drink something that is bad for your teeth: use a straw. This will help keep the damages to a minimum. Floss regularly – Sometimes parts of your meal get stuck in your teeth, and they don’t go away just by brushing; flossing is the perfect remedy in these cases, just remember to floss before you brush not afterwards. Mouth wash – take a little time to add this extra step to your dental cleaning daily routine; it helps you reach those places where a toothbrush can’t and also eliminates bacteria. Rinse for about 20 to 30 seconds after every brush. It keeps your teeth healthy and your breath fresh.


These dentists are great.Their service has really good 24 hour coverage.Have a nice temporary filling and it lasts all month.Will definitely be recommending this office over and over again. 

By Gina Alpert

5 stars, 5/5 stars

May 26, 2014

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